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We are one of the pioneers in transforming traditional business cards. We aim to save the environment by disrupting the paper-based visiting cards and introducing cutting-edge NFC-enabled cards and tags for all your personal and professional requirements.

Green Phone
Green Phone


Billion business cards are printed each year. 1 billion! That’s – even with the most optimistic calculations on the use of recycled paper – about 30,000 trees per year or about 500 hectares of the forest! And that’s for the US alone.

What is more disturbing, is that 88% of those trees, or more than 26,000 trees, are wasted for nothing! 

We 'Connectree' are on a mission to save those thousands of trees by reinventing the business card with an NFC chip. And that's a card made from recycled plastic so no more plastic waste and 1 card can be used for years.

Trees From Above


We want to digitalize the sector of paper-based cards and to save those thousands of trees that are being cut down to print business/visiting cards. That's our vision.

Trees From Above
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