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Some features you get with Connectree

Connect Instantly

Share your contact info and social media handles with anyone using NFC or QR with just a single TAP.

1 year warranty

1-year warranty on all Connectree products

Guaranteed Privacy and Security

Dedicated button to toggle your profile On/Off anytime from the app.

Easily Customizable

Give your profile a unique look. You can customize it whenever/wherever you want with our app.

No App Required

The receiver's phone doesn't need any kind of app on their phone to receive your information.

Wallet Friendly

Just carry one card for all your business needs. And it can be carried easily in your wallet.

Eco Friendly

Billions of plastic cards are printed each year just to end up in the waste after the first week. Now is the time to invest in eco-friendly business cards/tags.

Single link for All your contact info

With Connectree you can combine your contact info and social media links into one unique link.

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